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Meet The Producer

Meet The Producer....

A Phenomenal Women with an inspiring story. . . .

 KaySandra Hunt is no stranger to the stage. She has been writing and performing for well over 30 years. She is creative, talented and driven by passion and purpose.

KaySandra is an accomplished Actress, Singer, Songwriter and Playwright. She has written and directed a host of stage performances, short films and videos. She also writes songs and jingles for commercials. Ms. Hunt owns a Children's Theatre Company which provides entertainment for CPS along with Kids R Actors 2, which offers inner city children an opportunity to learn about the performing arts and perform on stage.

KaySandra Hunt's Hit Gospel Comedy Stage Play, SISTAS is set to tour several cities 2018 - 2019. Her real life experiences inspires many of the stories she write. She contributes her small success to her love for God as well as family and friends who believe in her vision and journey.


KaySandra Hunt is available for speaking and singing engagements for both events with women. She is also also a motivation speaker for teenagers and young adults.


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