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Booking Sistas To Come To Your Event Is As Easy As Selecting A Date!

KaySandra Hunt's SISTAS  is a hit Gospel Comedy Stage Play for women and about women. With already 8 performances to thousands of guest in Chicago, the show is now preparing to tour other cities and states.

We would like to partner with your church to share this exciting presentation with your women's ministry. Your congregation can invite family friends and co-workers out for a night of fun all while sharing a wonderful story through drama and music. Whether you choose to use our play for a social event for women or singles, a fundraiser or conference,  or outreach, your guest are sure to enjoy a quality performance they wont soon forget.

Mission Statement – To uplift, encourage and empower women to live productive, healthy lives through self-acceptance, forgiveness and love.

Stage Requirements – Our stage set design is 68 ft wide, 8 ft high and 8-10 ft depth.

Booking Info – To book this performance to come to your church or event venue, or to get information, first complete the Booking Questionnaire. a Representative will be in contact with you.

Next Steps:

You book a date, invite your guest and we'll do the rest!

We will deliver our entire full set design, stage props and construct the entire set on your pulpit, The performance includes our 20 member cast, front of house and back stage crew and audio technician.

We will provide your church  with 

  • Sistas flyers
  • Tickets 
  • Posters
  • Banners  
  • Digital announcements for social media. 

We will make sure your guest have a great time.

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Sistas Promotional Video

When Tina told their ailing mother she would help keep the family together, she had no idea what she signed up for. Five uniquely different women with personality conflicts and individual issues from jealously, addition, failure and distrust, proved difficult for her to manage. But when Tina turned the situation over to God, she saw him work!

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